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Family portrait Liverpool

A lovely morning on Pierhead for a family portrait !

It’s lovely when some old friends are in town, a great chance to hook up and take a few family portrait photos. I took Vince and Abigail’s wedding photographs in Bristol in 2007 and it was great to see them again in Liverpool and meet their new family. We had all been at a wedding the previous evening and decided to get up early and have a little tour of the waterfront and Pierhead. As luck would have it, it was one of those magical, crispy bright autumn mornings and we had a ball. Below are a small selection from the shoot – thank you Vince and Abigail for letting me show them on my blog – I think they are lovely.

Pierhead family portrait group shot

liverpool family friendly portraits

Merseyside protraits

family photographer Liverpool

If you have a location that means something special, lets meet up and have a bit of fun with some photos ! Check my lifestyle family portrait information for more details.

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  1. Vince and Abigail

    “Dave was our wedding photographer four years ago and we loved his photography then – our wedding album, with all its colour, detail and atmosphere of our day will of course be treasured forever. We were really happy to hear that he would be the photographer at one of our best friends’ wedding in Liverpool too. On the day of our friends wedding it occurred to us that it would be really great if Dave could take a picture of us as a family, now that we are complete with beautiful son and daughter 4 years down the line from our wedding day. We spoke to Dave about it and he arranged with Vince to meet us the following morning ‘out and about’ for an impromptu photo-shoot. It was so great that he was able to be spontaneous and the outcome was fantastic. The shoot was fun, playful and relaxed, but also very professional – Dave knew some great locations to photograph us, and how to create the relaxed, happy and natural atmosphere that suits us best. The sun was shining, and wind blowing and the sky was a crisp Autumn blue – once again Dave really managed to capture the colour, vibrancy and lively mood of the morning, and we love the photos! It was so meaningful to have our wedding photographer take our family portrait in this somewhat un-planned way – we are captured us just as we are, a moment in time of our family lives together… and we will always enjoy these photographs! Thank you so much Dave! We cannot recommend him enough!!!” Vince and Abigail, Bristol

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