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Busy summer …

I’ve had a really busy summer – some smashing weddings with some fabulous people. But where are the photos? Well I always ask and respect couple’s wishes if they don’t want images in the public domain. And I don’t ask the reason why – up to them in the end – be it jobs or whatever – no problem. And of course their galleries remain password protected.

Anyway, I’ve opened up my books again for next year and 2017 – so if you would like a free consultation, I’m more than happy to visit or meet at your wedding venue. Don’t worry I don’t do a hard sell or give you any stress – please get in touch via the contact form or call me on 07810 321 634 and lets hook up over a coffee.

Groom's wedding preparations

Checking we have the wedding ring photograph

Liverpool based wedding photographer captures the rings after the ceremony

Wedding reception tables are all ready

Super wedding breakfast, clean plates all round

Bride's shoes ... ready for dancing the night away

Wedding party and evening guests dance the night away



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